Xperia u email not updating

Realising how dependent i was on my smartphone i wanted to get something cheap and cheerful that would last me the couple of weeks my s3 would be out of action.

Initiially i got a HTC Desire C because of its microsd card slot, but it was terribly underpowered and so went back and exchanged at Phones4u for this which was only 15 dearer. This phone would easily have been top of the range in 2011.

The Xperia U is the baby in Sony's Xperia NXT series.

It's an attractive phone, available in a choice of colours and with a transparent strip near the base that flashes in different colours when the phone wants to alert you to something.

However the charm, the POWER SOUND and user involvement makes this phone a really, really good buy.

Rating: Reviewed by Majid from North Yorkshire, UK on 23rd Feb 2013 I bought this phone after i started having problems with my Galaxy S3 and had to send it off to be repaired by Samsung under warranty.

It also has a front-facing VGA camera ready for video chat.Good build quality, dual core processer with decent RAM. Camera is average and theres no microsd but considering how much you are paying (115) you cant grumble too much. This shipped th Android 2.3 and worked pretty well with it.The Android 4.0 update came out few months ago so i updated the phone very soon after getting it.Camera is standard, but I like camera software I can play with. The phone is so narrow which is good format for images and gives phone charm but if you're a guy like me then you should be thinking about getting 'big buttons' keyboard from google play for your XU.The processor is really good but can stuck sometimes. Storage is really small but I use it for Spotify switching new for old music all the time so its sufficient for me.

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