Xperia u email not updating

Camera is standard, but I like camera software I can play with. The phone is so narrow which is good format for images and gives phone charm but if you're a guy like me then you should be thinking about getting 'big buttons' keyboard from google play for your XU.The processor is really good but can stuck sometimes. Storage is really small but I use it for Spotify switching new for old music all the time so its sufficient for me.Reviewed by Nenad from Norway on 12th Mar 2013 This phone is just amazing! For me the top feature of this phone is SOUND QUALITY. ICS update worked really good and I am happy with new features and I really like Sony interface (this is personal preference).I wanted a cheap phone because I have Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet that I'm carrying around, and I don't need big screen. Battery life is kinda standard but it charges super-fast.I think it's the matter of managing apps correctly. Images go directly to dropbox and G so can be deleted at once.I thought I might switch it for a better phone after a while but it just won't happen as I got hooked on changing caps. It is the best value for money phone you can find, however if you want something powerful not charming, XU is not for U.NFC has been dropped from the specification, but it's still very early days for NFC and we don't see this as being a big problem. We worried that the 1305m Ah battery in the Xperia P wasn't up to the job.The Xperia U has an ever so slightly bigger 1320m Ah battery, with a smaller screen and generally less demanding tech to power.

Rating: Reviewed by Majid from North Yorkshire, UK on 23rd Feb 2013 I bought this phone after i started having problems with my Galaxy S3 and had to send it off to be repaired by Samsung under warranty.

The Xperia U is the baby in Sony's Xperia NXT series.

It's an attractive phone, available in a choice of colours and with a transparent strip near the base that flashes in different colours when the phone wants to alert you to something.

There are a lot of great features here, including a dual-core processor, a pin-sharp display, a great camera, excellent connectivity and of course all the goodies that Android offers.

Tis a pity it's only Android Gingerbread, but a little patience will fix that. Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that's best for them.

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