X360a gamercard not updating

A more detailed PAX itinerary will be put up once I know the full picture. Not paying and then going on vacation would kind of tick off the landlord.2.

INTERVIEWS and/or APPOINTMENTS - I don't know who or how many yet, but there'll be a few.Sure, there have been duds and easy games just for the points - but for once I've actually played and completed a bunch of games shortly after they were released which is unusual for me I can tell you.What is also worth noting is that even some of the easiest arcade games can take longer than a full retail title.Still completing a 'game a week' throughout 2010 is something to be proud of, as there were a few tough nuts in that bunch.I suppose Gears should automatically come top of the heap, but I've also completed things like Bayonetta, Bioshock 2, COD: MW2, COD: BLOPS, Halo: Reach, Left 4 Dead, Naruto and Fallout 3 so I think the quality this year has been a lot higher.

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