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Infants & Children 3 & under travel for free and will share a seat with the adult companion.

This option is for customers that have already purchased a Eurail pass or Interrail pass and wish to reserve seats or sleeping berths. Most high-speed and long-distance trains require seat reservations.

The fare rules for each train indicate whether seat reservations are necessary.

EABLY SETTLEMENTS 43 The Dubuque Settlement 43 The Giard Settlement 43 The Montrose Settlement 43 The Burlington Settlement 43 The Keokuk Settlement 43 Bules for the Government of Dubuque 45 Military Interference with Settlements 45 PAGE Extinguishment of Indian Titles 46 The Fort Madison Settlement 47 Flint Hills 47 The Davenport Settlement ' 48 Clayton County Settlement 48 Council Blufls 48 Des Moines 49 CHAPTER y. 50 Territory of Wisconsin 50 Territorial Council 50 Organization of Counties 51 Territory of Iowa 51 First Territorial Officers ;.. 59 Appointment of Supreme Judges 60 Eailroad Buildings 62 Organization of the Eepublioan Party ra gonstltutioual Convention 64 es Moines Chosen the State Capital 64 Census by Counties 67 CHAPTER VII. IOWA AND THE KEBBJLLION 89 Kesyonse to the Nation's Call 90 irstlntantry 98 Seconfl Infantry 97 Third Infantry 97 Fiiurth Infantry ' 98 Fifth Infantry 98 Sixth Infantry 98 Seventh Infantry 98 Eighth Infantry 99 Ninth Infantry 99 T. 438 Atlantic Weekly Telegraph 440 Atlantic Daily Telegraph....... FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Oiganization— Educational . He employed two young Indians as guides, and traversed in different direc- tions the whole region lying between the Maquoketa and Turkey rivers. This may be called the first Legislature in Iowa, the members of which gathered around that old Cottonwood log, and agreed to and re- ported the following, written by Mr.

51 First Iowa Territorial Legislature 52 First Session of the Legislature 52 A Stormy Session 62 Selection of the Capital 52 lowa City....' 53 Loan for the Completion of the State House. 53 Woman's Bights 54 The Missouri War 55 Attempt at State Organization 56 Constitutional Convention... GEOLOGr— TOPOQEAPHT— WATEE COUESES 69 Azoic System 70 Lower Silurian System TO Upper Silurian System 71 r^ TABLE OF CONTENTS. 71 Cretacious System 75 Peat 76 Gypsum 78 Minor -Deposits —Sulphate of Lime 78 Sulphate of Strontia , 78 Sulphate of Haryta 78 Sulphate of Magnesia 78 Ciimat-j 79 Topography 79 Lakes and Streams , . nth Infantry 99 Eleventh Infantrv 100 Twelfth Infantry l Oi) Thirteenth Infantry 101 Fourteenth Infantry 101 Fi I toenth 1 nf antry 101 Sixteenth Infantry 102 Seventeenth Infantry ■.. 442 Anlta Times 444 Cass County Democrat .' 445 # Dally Democrat.. 533 Societies 544 Postof Bce 547 Municipal— Historic Crumbs 548 Educational 649 CHAPTER XX. He re- turned to the village, secured the good will of the Indians, and, returning to Galena, formed plans for future operations, to be executed as soon as the circumstances would permit. Lang- worthy, on a half sheet of coarse, unruled paper, the old log being the writing desk: "We, a committee, having been chosen to draft certain rules and regulations (laws), by which we, as miners, will be governed, and, having duly considered the subject, do unanimously agree that we will be governed by the regulations on the east side of the Mississippi river, with the fol- lowing exceptions, to- wit: Article I.

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