Why bitdefender is not updating

One engineer went so far as to say the problem is because Norton Security is *NOT* compatible with Windows 10 and went even further to say that because I am using it I now have viruses and corrupt files.

I pushed back and he started backing down by suggesting it was his opinion that Norton doesn't work.

Hey about a month ago I updated Windows 10 for them to basically say "Hey you no longer need this and removed Bitdefender for me." When I tried to reinstall it, it said that it wasn't compatible with windows 10.

But then there was a popup saying I could update it to the Windows 10 compatible version which I then installed.

After restarting my PC it then asked for admin permissions and I said yes.

However after this it popped up again saying it wasn't compatible even though I was updating it to the Windows 10 compatible version.

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You can switch back to the generic Internet update location by clicking Some updates require a restart to complete the installation.To adjust the update settings, follow these steps: , a generic Internet address that is automatically redirected to the closest Bitdefender update server in your region.Do not change the update location unless advised by a Bitdefender representative or by your network administrator (if you are connected to an office network).By default, Bitdefender will check for updates every hour, over the Internet, and install the available updates without alerting you.The default update settings are suited for most users and you do not normally need to change them.

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