Who is mike he dating

Jesus asks Mike if they found Ana to which he answers no. When Jesus answers a good response when Mike says yes, Mike fights back saying that it's never good when someone dies no matter what they did.

A flashback is shown that Stef asks for the divorce because she is gay.

He later helps Ana, Jesus and Mariana's birth mother, with her own personal addiction and to improve her life for the better.

After dating for a while, Mike and Ana announce their engagement.

Their relationships become serious and they had even discussed about having a baby together.

They broke up when Mike learned that she slept with a drunken Brandon in Adoption Day, and, despite having a hard time accepting she had statutory raped his son, Mike has her arrested in The Longest Day.

When she arrives, Lena puts her frustrations out on Mike.

Also a police officer, Mike personally requests to partner up with Stef after her regular partner leaves the department – a move that doesn’t initially sit well with Lena.

Stef gets angry and demands Brandon apologize to Mike over the phone. Brandon changed his mind about living with Mike and they shared a beautiful father and son moment due to the panio Mike has rented for Brandon.

Later, in the episode, Brandon decides to stay with his family because he felt they need him.

At work Mike requested Stef as his partner since her previous partner transfers.

Later that afternoon, Stef talks to Lena about Mike being her partner and she isn't happy about the situation until Mike explains he only requested Stef has his partner to look over her since he never felt comfortable with any partners she has had in the past.

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