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I move in with mom and stepdad, he seemed to shape her up to a somewhat more decent human being so all was well for a couple years. They get worried so they make the school send certified “psych” people to conduct tests through my high school years.They get worried, aggravated more like, that I never spoke to them about anything that was going on, I kept my circle of friends fairly small so I didn’t really have a whole lot of people, if any, to talk to about this stuff. Finally cleared of their diagnoses by faking my way through it, wasn’t hard they were just worried about my grades and whether or not I’d beat someone within an inch of their life or something. OK, admittedly, it’s probably not the best idea to fixate on this question, especially if you are depression or suicidal, but in point of fact “being suicidal” doesn’t mean just one thing. But, what if you’re like me and would like to be able to self-assess suicide risk? Here’s my completely unscientific suggestion for a suicidal self-assessment. (There are lots of other suicide statistics provided by the National Institute of Mental Health.) Those are the depressing things mental health care professionals should know about suicide in order to properly assess your risk of suicide.Space Opera with several relatively Hard Science Fiction aspects in the 31st century.Named after Schlock, an alien shaped like a pile of poo with eyes and a mouth who joins "Tagon's Toughs", a space-faring mercenary outfit.

feelings of suicide should be taken seriously because it’s a shorter distance between suicide level two and suicide level nine than you would think.Ideally no one should have to walk around daily considering ending their lives, but even if you do because of a mental illness like depression or bipolar, try to get that number down as low as possible. According to a study out of Florida: I have been suicidal so many times, so many days, so many weeks, so many months that I can barely comprehend people without those feelings. You might be just a person, alone behind your computer screen. So you need you talk about suicide with the right people – health care professionals.You need to tell your doctor about suicidal thoughts so he can change your meds.After seeing all of the posts on this page I feel like you all would be more understanding, regardless of the length of my post which I apologize in advance by the way.You don’t have to read every word, or any of them at all, I just feel like it’ll do some good to have my situation out there for someone to stumble upon that may be similar in which case I would like to hear how you cope with it in the long run.

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