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Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, Keltie's story is an honest, powerful and ultimately uplifting guide to following your dreams and losing your heart. This an Thology was created by the National Speakers Association Mountain West Chapter on behalf of the authors in this book.

Keltie Colleen is a quirky Canadian from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. Only members of the chapter who met the rigorous standards for membership in the National Speakers Association were invited to ... 42nd Street Pete presents more articles and reviews from the sleazy side of cinema.

Dance legend and choreographer Travis Wall is championing the LGBT community in one of the most brilliant and moving ways possible: Through dance.

In a music video (which Wall conceived, directed, produced and choreographed) for the acoustic cover of "This Is Me" from broadway star Shoshana Bean sings as Wall performs a heartfelt dance that pays tribute to the LGBT community.

People say follow your dreams, never give up, but they don’t talk about the things that are going to make you want to give up.

After my cover came out, I was devastated because Ryan and I had broken up.

Before then, dancers didn't have a stage to perform on, the opportunity to learn from peers, or a competitive outlet like most sports.

I want this book to inspire dancers and give them an honest look at what life is like as a working professional.

There were a million times where I walked into an audition and was cut in the first round; for each amazing job that I got, there were 25 awful rejections leading up to it. While every sibling relationship is special, there's nothing quite like dancing alongside your sister/brother/twin.

Now, she’s turned her story—about making it as a professional dancer and her relationships through the years—into a book, : Why did you decide to write a book?

Keltie Colleen: I expected being a professional dancer to be one thing, but it turned out to be totally different.

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