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Although there are some information in some sites, I need real and exact information about Bolivia, … I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF HAVING A PAST CRIMINAL RECORD WOULD CAUSE ANY PROBLEM WITH BOLIVIAN … import tariffs and taxes for household belongings Hello Thanks for info.concerning lawyers that can help me threw the 1 year visa process. How many years must I live in Bolivia before I can request …Carnet de extranjero - Bolivian identification card Hey all, I have a quick question about the carnet de extranjero. I would like to visit my country after 37 years overseas I am planning to visit bolivia and see if I could stay sometime in bolivia mainly in Cochabamba my hometown. Importing Vehicles to Bolivia - Shipment of Household Goods If you are moving to Bolivia and you plan to import your personal vehicle(s), there are several very important things you need to know. Importing Household Goods - Shipment of Household Goods If you are moving to Bolivia and you plan to import your household goods, there are several very important things you need to know. 2 months Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Sept - Oct 2010 Dear Readers, I will be going to Santa Cruz with my daughter to see if I could start up my business there. At present the pressing issue concerns bringing personal items … How do I register my divorce from a Bolivian citizen if I no longer live in Bolivia?

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I am trying to buy a used car here in La Paz, which I know carries various … Can you tell me about dating ettiquette in bolivia? I am interested in hearing from any foreign teachers who have taught or are …Obtaining Bolivian Citizenship - Title V of the Bolivian Constitution Not rated yet Bolivian Nationality and Citizenship. Not rated yet Hi, I'm Swedish and my wife is Bolivian/Finnish. Not rated yet We, my wife and myself, are interested to move in to live in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Not rated yet My husband is Bolivian and we will be taking our first baby to meet the family in La Paz, for 3 months from March 2015. Internations July 2014 Expat Event in Santa Cruz, Bolivia Not rated yet Thursday, July 24 at p.m. Title V of the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia states: Article 141 I. We have been discussing to option of moving to Bolivia since we both like the country very much. How much do I need to rent a 2 bed/2 bth apartment in areas such … Not rated yet Any one can help me to obtain a copy of my birth certicate, can any one give the address or contact number of authority in charge. expats in Santa Cruz, Bolivia will gather for the monthly Internations expat event at a secret little treasure of exotic … My Mistaken Mariachis - Just Another Something to Love About Bolivia It's midnight Tuesday. I understand that there are some unknown fees that could occur if … Possibly Moving to Bolivia From Australia and Need Opinions hola mi esposa es colombiana y yo soy finlandez.A dozen very off-tune and extremely LOUD mariachis just showed up under my window. need more information on living in bolivia Hi, I need some information about Bolivian cost living. Obtaining info on Ecuador is no problem, however, that is not the case with … We are looking at options whether to live again in Bogota, Colombia or Bolivia. MOVING TO BOLIVIA TO BE WITH BOLIVIAN WIFE I WOULD LIKE SOME ADVICE ON MIGRATING TO BOLIVIA AND WORKING THERE.

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