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We knew that no one was going to do anything for us if we didn't do it on our own. We used to call ourselves ‘the Two-Headed Monster.' We had more power together than apart.

Get the spit, get the glue, hold it together."The Chili Peppers have, in fact, become experts at rebirth since forming in 1983.

"Flea and John had a special relationship – I saw it for years.

That Flea and Chad and Anthony could open up and let someone else in, someone new, is amazing to me."Frusciante could not be reached for comment. Later, Frusciante sent Smith a text message: "It made me really happy to see you.""I don't know what's ahead – I never know – but right now, the band is really fun," Flea declares, his voice revving up.

Flea says that would be news to him, and anyone else in the band, because they've made no plans to hang it up.

The retirement buzz started after drummer Chad Smith went on the 'Eddie Trunk Podcast,' and revealed a convo he and Flea had about life on the road.

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