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And in our limited view of the world, do we know anything better than ourselves? Descending into the mind of a manic-depressive person is a bumpy ride, but Forrest has wheave her magic with her spartan and simultaneously lush prose.The result is (sorry in advance for the abundance of adjectives, but I can't describe it any better) irreverent, funny, witty, sarcastic, insightful, frank, heart-breaking, hilarious, raw, self-deprecating, gut-wrenching, brave and cathartic.She also published 3 books at that time, I'm trying to find ways to describe this book but it's a difficult task because my mind is overwhelmed... Emma Forrest is a charismatic and gifted writer, she's also a bipolar.She also published 3 books at that time, all acclaimed.It's been a long time since a book made me go through an emotional roller-coaster, I cried and laughed so many times that I can't remember!And there are so many quotes and passages I loved that I would probably need to write half the book down.Then she sold a screenplay to Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B.In her early 20's she moved to Manhattan and a few years later to Hollywood. Emma seems blessed with talent and good fortune, but she's also cursed with manic-depression, a chronic cutter and bulimic with serious self-destruct tendencies.

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""Music through headphones.""And if the music stopped?

I have terrible taste in men - the movie stars, über talented writers, and poetic souls i date are all gorgeous (and tall! My amazing, eccentric, perfect family are stuck with me and my mental illness, but they never complain because between suicide attempts we get along like a house on fire, and they really dig my famous gorgeous boyfriends. I mean, it's bad enough to lose your husband/dad, but then one of his patients has to memorialize him with graphic details about her sex life. There's the famous writer who is more gifted than anyone of our generation (whatever that means), the movie star who was her soul mate until he wasn't and a handful of other more forgettable beaus.

There are a few oddly placed pop culture references.

Emma Forrest, an English journalist, was twenty-two and living in America when she realised that her quirks had gone beyond eccentricity.

A modern day fairy tale of New York, Your Voice in My Head is a dazzling and devastating memoir, clear-eyed and shot through with wit.

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