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That's obviously not the case—you're getting sex elsewhere without her knowledge (or her consent and putting her at risk in the process) and you aren't leaving.Tell her you're also done with straight sex (the "straight" can be silent), have one last huge fight, and then go suck some dick. My dad got on Instagram, followed me and some of my friends, and then requested to follow a friend whose account is private.I guess I don't have a question here besides wondering what you think about it. Can't Understand This Everything is, indeed, a thing, CUT, and intimidating things like knives—objects that symbolize power, danger, and control—are far likelier to become things (fetishized objects) than nonthreatening things like waffle irons or useless things like moderate Republicans.As for what I think about knife play, well, it's definitely not for me. @murica has hairy arms,chest and back ..stuck in his own miserable cage...grabs his own shit..some and tosses the rest at onlookers.I recently stumbled on an Instagram account of a young woman who's a "knife play" enthusiast.

I find that I have developed a sexual attraction to other men my age.

I would be ecstatic even if we only did this rarely, say, once a month.

Again, no dice from the wife—it's degrading, end of discussion. I believe that Dear Prudence would side with my wife: if you don't enjoy it, don't do it.

I've had three screaming fights with my dad about monogamy in the last two weeks. Son Blows Friend, Dad Blows Gasket No, SBFDBG, you can't.

Your mom isn't around to defend herself and, absent proof of the affair, your dad will think it's a spiteful (and incredibly) hurtful lie.

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