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Sapp, who is also one of the biggest personalities to ever play in the NFL, turned a great collegiate career into a hall-of-fame NFL career with his relentless pursuit of poor NFL quarterbacks.

He was a vocal leader and could dominate a game at the line of scrimmage, which helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when their first and only Super Bowl in 2002.

Sapp retired from the NFL in 2008 and quickly found employment as an analyst for Inside the NFL.

He later bounced around in many different analysts positions for different shows but was always a hit because of his brash personality.

Their head coaches (Dennis Erickson and Butch Davis) allowed their players to express themselves and rack up unsportsmanlike penalties left and right, as long as they kept winning.

It created a culture down in South Beach that players gravitated towards, a brotherhood of Canes so to speak.

Although Reed was not retained by the Buffalo Bills after his one season as a coach, there is talk that he could one day rejoin his former team the Baltimore Ravens as a coach.

The best way to describe it was essentially a fraternity that players graduating from The U shared in the NFL and they all looked out for each other.

This list contains some of the best football players from this generation and it might surprise you that all of these guys played at Miami in the 1990's.

Once seeing these names, it will not surprise you just how dominant the school was during this heyday of theirs.

Outside of football, Armstead also runs several successful car dealerships in and around the the New York area.

As one of the most talented defensive lineman of his generation, Warren Sapp completely dominated his competition while in school at Miami.

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