Vodafone blackberry validating account

After inserting your SIM card and media card, turn on PRIV by holding the power button along the left hand side for 2 to 3 seconds.When PRIV starts for the first time the Setup Wizard will appear.You will see for instance From: Joe Bloggs If you are having problems with the rules not matching, just check the email headers and set a rule to match the encoded address as well.

The steps to attain this are thus:- To find your PIN & IMEI perform one of the following actions: There are two methods.If you skipped content transfer during the Setup Wizard you still transfer data from your previous device to your PRIV at any point afterwards using the steps below.Depending on which platform your previous device used, the content transfer app may not be able to transfer all of your data.You either set-up on your blackberry directly or using the Blackberry Internet Service web interface.Just ask your provider for the address of the web interface.

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