Virgo female dating a cancerian man

When you gauge these, you can get an insight as to how she's feeling and such.

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Cancer are always pretty good at awakening passions that people didn't even know they had but those passions either really excite us or they scare us away in a hurry.

Last person that really loved me was a 6 year relationship with a Cap woman but I got bored and bailed on it like a typical cancer would.

I guess the things she does are apparent, she wants to chat every night and loves our conversations but I'm the one who ends up calling or texting her, never the other way around but I'm too nervous to refrain from it to see if she will eventually go for calling me. I guess that the fact that she is still aroudn is a good sign, you don't seem like the kind of stick around for a maybe kind of sign, and she does notice my interests and likes to make sure I am keeping good care of myself and that things are great in my life.

A good way to get her to open up, at least for me, is to sort of make a secure connection with her.

Give her some time, smile, and make her feel like she is the only one and that she can trust you.

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