Virgo female dating a cancerian man dating site for disabled singles

I am pretty dominant probably since I am a typical insecure Cancer I want to be able to say "Hey I'm doing this so I don't have to worry about hurting myself".I guess the whole repeated action thing does fit her, she said she becomes more and more attracted to someone based on how often she sees them. Everything is usually ALL-treetrunk ING-RIGHT in our lives until one of you guys appear.So far all I have gotten are "awwwww"'s and you are such a sweet guy, got any tips..I just going to have to wait it out are you every passionate and affectionate?

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I have a great time with this Virgo, we are able to talk about things beyond just the mush that really get me thinking and that is a quality that I really am enjoy.

As far as dominant goes, that is why I am letting her in on the planning of things.

I told her that I like things to be 50/50 with each person being unique with their own great ideas and I want her ideas to be apart of things.

Last person that really loved me was a 6 year relationship with a Cap woman but I got bored and bailed on it like a typical cancer would.

I guess the things she does are apparent, she wants to chat every night and loves our conversations but I'm the one who ends up calling or texting her, never the other way around but I'm too nervous to refrain from it to see if she will eventually go for calling me. I guess that the fact that she is still aroudn is a good sign, you don't seem like the kind of stick around for a maybe kind of sign, and she does notice my interests and likes to make sure I am keeping good care of myself and that things are great in my life.

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