Validating sin

You will be judged harshly by others and, to the extent you’ve been properly socialized into the cult during graduate school, by your own inner voices.

But academia is a kind of cult, and deviation from the normative values of the group is not permitted or accepted within its walls.

I left academia AFTER being successful and getting tenure. And I’ll help you deal with the emotions, the feelings of failure, and get past them, and get a plan.*Achieving financial, emotional AND intellectual well being in academia is somewhat akin to climbing Everest blind.

It is damned hard to the point of being, frankly, impossible for many.

In these words Christ restored the original indissolubility of marriage as it had been ordained by God in the Creation and was grounded in human nature.

This is expressly stated by Him against the Pharisees, who put forward the separation allowed by Moses: "Moses by reason of hardness of your heart permitted you to put away your wives": but from the beginning it was not so" (Matthew 19:8); "He who made man from the beginning, made them male and female.

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Most of us are familiar with the biblical account of the fallen angels found in Genesis 6.You alerted this frog that he had been boiled, as it were. It is long and hard and involves confronting profound shame. Quit if it is what you truly want, and blessings upon your head.Even more than the edited documents, I want to thank you for giving me tools to self-reflexively assesses my deteriorated situation and then do something about it” – Academic client (Anthropology) who went post-ac and never looked back It may not be apparent on this site, but if you are struggling with a desire to get out of academia, I support you, and will help you with that. Either way, proceed armed not with self-delusion and blind hope, but with knowledge and a plan.You’re not going to get there without massive, simply massive logistical advance planning and preparation, and ongoing strategizing, and realistic goals, and a strong ethic of self-care and self-protection. And even with those, you might “fail” to complete the Ph. If your dream is to have an academic career, then I’m here to help.

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