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Summertime mid-to-upper tropospheric nitrous oxide over the Mediterranean as a footprint of Indian emissions Sentinel-1 and 2 data fusion for land management and disaster risk assessment Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 synergy towards operational cropland mask, crop type and crop status at high spatial resolution Evaluating Vegetation Index Mapping over a Vineyard from an Alternative Low-Cost Platform Supporting Rural Sub-Saharan Africa Farmers through Satellite-based Water Level Gauging Satellite-derived NDVI as a tool to assess productivity for renewable energy and improve plantings of novel biomass crops The Earth Observation Land Data Assimilation System (EO-LDAS) Prototype as a Tool for Crop Monitoring: Test and Validation Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Crop Water Consumption using High Resolution NDVI Image Time Series; Calibration and Validation in the Kairouan Plain (Tunisia) Grassland management and biomass retrieval in an intensive dairy farm in Ireland using a combination of RADARSAT-2 and Terra SAR-X data Rice mapping and monitoring at national level using Sentinel-1 data: Vietnam and Cambodia Regional cropland field parcel estimates across South America EO data and hydrological modelling for water allocation in the Braila Agriculture Research Unit, Romania Analysis of land-cover changes in relationship to environmental variables in Znojmo and Trebic districts, Czech Republic Remote sensing for supporting precision farming: an operational test case in Italy for nitrogen fertilization in rice crops Mapping smallholder fields using crowdsourced geoinformation Mapping cropland abandonment and recultivation in Northern Kazakhstan from 1984 to 2015 using dense Landsat time series Landsat Imaging Study : Mission Architecture Options for Future Global Monitoring Evaluation of SMOS soil moisture products over Romania using the Romanian Soil Moisture Network Assessment of grassland and other agricultural land management practice in Latvia using optical and SAR satellite data Fertility Mapping in Sudano-Sahelian Agrosystems: an Integrated Approach based on Seasonal Digital Globe and SPOT-5 Take5 Time-series An unprecedented series of monthly cloud-free European coverage at high resolution: DEIMOS-1 / UK-DMC2 contribution to Copernicus Data Ware House 2 A robust validation framework for crop area estimation methods using free and open high resolution imagery based on the use of open access reference data.Mapping the main farming practices in Belgian cropping systems through remote sensing with Sentinel mission optical and radar time-series Malwaian Point Frame Area Survey – How GMFS Services Evolve Towards Operationability Application of time series analysis to mid resolution satellite data, for the implementation and management of indexed agricultural insurance services in Spain Rice monitoring from space: a reality with Sentinel-1 data Remote Sensing for a Bio-based Society: Multi-temporal and Multi-spatial Integration of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Data for Large-scale Land Cover Change Monitoring in São Paulo state, Brazil, with a Specific Focus on Bio-energy Crop Expansion Remote sensing for a biobased society: Monitoring growth of sugarcane through optical and radar remote sensing in São Paulo state, Brazil Crop Water Requirement: Estimation using SPOT 4 (Take5) Time Series Data The Take 5 experiment in Morocco: supporting irrigation water management by means of high spatial and temporal resolution multispectral data Agriculture Parcels Monitoring for Crop Subsidies and “Greening” Policy Compliance, by Sentinel 2 Welcome speech Discussion Czech User Forum Discussion An update on CAMS and C3S: opportunities for the agriculture and forestry sectors Copernicus in the Czech Republic - Vision 2016 Using of Remote Sensing and Others Technologies on SAIF DROMAS - Agricultural Crop Monitoring and Assessment driven by Satellites Integration of farm records and remotely sensed data for precision farming in cloud-based FOODIE platform.Towards new constraints on the global tropospheric ozone budget: Satellite observations of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) Air Quality Applications: 12 years of OMI Data and the potentials for TROPOMI High spatial resolution daily mapping of surface-level NO2 using satellite and in-situ measurements Cloud top height and optical depth from Sentinels 5p, 4 and 5 using ROCINN Aerosol and dust global maps of mean altitude based on CALIPSO observations Variability and short-term trends of lower and upper tropospheric ozone over East Asia from IASI observations Satellite and ground-based measurements of urban air quality in relation with children’s asthma Impact of intensive dust outbreaks on marine primary production as seen by satellites A tropospheric ozone pollution outbreak over East Asia in springtime 2009 analyzed by synergism of innovative multispectral satellite observations, in situ measurements and models A case study to estimate albedo in Antarctica based on Pleiades satellite images Long term Aerosol Radiative Forcing Study from AVHRR/Met Op Data Reflectance and transmittance properties of sea surfaces as function of sea state and wind speed Cross-cutting validation of satellite products over France through their integration into a land surface model Intercalibration of two polar satellite instruments without simultaneous nadir observations Towards multisensor-based surface albedo retrievals from polar-orbiting imagers Cryospheric albedo from Sentinel-3 and -2 Algorithms to retrieve the sea ice and snow optical characteristics from satellite optical observations Unified Inversion of Land Surface Parameters by Exploiting Optical-Thermal Remote Sensing Observations Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial- and Helio- Studies (TRUTHS): A mission to establish a climate and calibration observatory in space (enhancing the performance of the Sentinels to meet the needs of Climate) Observing the Anthropocene from Space: Challenges and Opportunities Evaluation and improvement of the EUMETSAT Meteosat Surface Albedo Climate Data Record Improvement of GOME-2 Tropospheric Ozone Profile Retrievals from Joint UV/Visible Measurements PISA, a novel algorithm for the joint retrieval of surface reflectance and aerosol properties: application to Proba-V observations Glaciers darkening in the European Alps: a comparative satellite analysis Combining Earth Observation, field data and models to upscale biogenic greenhouse gas emissions over agricultural landscapes Developing a model-based framework for quality assessments of in-situ measurement protocols for albedo Copernicus Climate Change Service Fitness-for-Purpose (C3S F4P) Benchmark Platform: Gamma Index The Use of Higher Resolution Albedo Product from Landsat and Sentinel 2A to assess Landscape Heterogeneity and Temporal Albedo Dynamics Dynamic Continuity of Global Land Science Products from Suomi-NPP VIIRS: Overview and Status Comparative polarization study of light scattering by aerosol particles and particulate surfaces to characterize planetary atmosphere Long-term data records of Essential Climate Variables derived from AVHRR – pitfalls and promises Temporal Evolution of Surface Albedo at the Forni Glacier, Central Italian Alps, Derived from Landsat Satellite Images Sensitivity of land surface models to uncertainties in satellite derived land cover mapping and fractional plant functional type translation Combining MISR and MODIS to Survey the Albedo over the Arctic Region New products of global atmospheric aerosol and surface reflectance for Sentinel-3 Cross comparison of spectral albedo products for glacier surfaces derived from APEX, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data Effective cloud fractions of GOME-2 measurements using an enhanced HICRU implementation Performance of the Two-Stream Inversion Package Using Extensive Uncertainty Information for the Retrieval of f APAR and LAI Melt pond fraction and spectral sea ice albedo retrieval from MERIS data: validation, case studies, trends Relationships between summertime albedo, f APAR and growing stock in Finnish boreal forests Impacts of light-absorbing impurities on snow and their quantification using bidirectional reflectance measurements First results of QA4ECV production of land ECVs using an optimal estimation framework The NASA-CAR instrument : an airborne spectral BRF sensor for validation of surface BRFs derived from Sentinel 2 & 3 New Land Surface Products from the JRC-TIP applied to Surface Albedo Products Retrieval of snow grain size and its effect on albedo The Ocean Surface Topography Sentinel-6/Jason-CS Mission Broadview Radar Altimetry Toolbox Simulating microwave backscattering through the application of a numerical model to Cryo Sat-2 data Characterizing physical processes in dynamic sea level using independent component analysis Calibration and Intercalibration of the ERS-1/ERS-2/Envisat Microwave Radiometer time series Analysis of Cryo Sat-2 radar altimeter waveforms over different Arctic sea ice regimes Analysis of the methods of Arctic sea ice freeboard retrieval using ICESat data A surface elevation changes of the Greenland ice sheet from SARAL/Alti Ka satellite radar altimeter Improved multi-mission coastal altimetry from the ALES Global dataset Cross-calibrating ALES Envisat and Cryosat-2 Delay-Doppler: a coastal altimetry study in the Indonesian Seas Analyses of Altimetry Errors using Argo and GRACE Data Accurately measuring sea level change from space: an ESA Climate Change Initiative for MSL closure budget studies Coastal currents of the Mexican Pacific Modeling the response of the Mediterranean sea level to global and regional climatic phenomena Centimeter level lake altimetry from airborne GNSS Reflectometry Aviso : altimetry products & services in 2016 Outlines and Dynamics of Eurarctic Ice Caps in Anomalous Gravity Fields Possibility of parameters assessment of the low-frequency gradient-vorticity oceanic waves based on satellite altimetry data Vertical Deformation of the Coast Of Chile By Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauges Observations Explaining the spread in global sea level rise in CMIP5 climate models Soil Surface Moisture from Cryosat2 and Sentinel-3 Satellite Radar Altimetry Mediterranean mean sea level variability from satellite altimetry: Trend and seasonality extraction.Wave interpretation of major Baltic inflows Cryosat2 insights in the Mediterranean Circulation through wavelet multi-resolution analysis and selective filtering Rconsrtuction of the West Spitsbergen Current in 2000-2013 using in situ observations combined with satellite altimetry and a numerical model.Spatial and temporal variation of aerosols over China determined from a suite of satellite observations The BAQUNIN (Boundary layer Air Quality-analysis Using Network of INstruments) Super-Site for atmospheric science and satellite data validation Cloud radiative effect evaluation using the CC4CL broadband radiative flux product SEOM’s ‘Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI’ project CAWA Lessons Learned from the SPOT (Take5) Experiments: Simulations of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 195 Sites PISA, a novel algorithm for the joint retrieval of surface reflectance and aerosol properties: application to Proba-V observations The effects of biomass burning aerosols on clouds during the SAMBBA field campaign, simulated using a Large Eddy Model Estimation of the aerosol layer height from Satellite observations of the Ring effect What have we learnt from 17 years of (A)ATSR cloud and aerosol CCI data?Comparison and evaluation of reflectance spectra and atmospheric parameters derived from Hy Spex, Sentinel 2A and in-situ measurements of beautiful Bavarian lakes Surface solar radiation over the region of Eastern Mediterranean: A high resolution satellite view PROBA-V aerosol and surface reflectance retrieval: methods and validation Desert dust outbreaks near West-Africa observed with SCIAMACHY: Case studies for Aerosol Layer Height retrieval with Sentinel-5 Precursor Sentinel-2 Sen2Cor L2A processor for users Calibration and Validation of Surface and Atmospheric Sentinel Products over Australia MULTIPLY: Development of a European HSRL airborne facility The GOSAT follow-on mission:GOSAT-2 Comparative polarization study of light scattering by aerosol particles and particulate surfaces to characterize planetary atmosphere The sampling of satellite retrieved atmospheric aerosol data sets Assessing hourly aerosol property retrieval from MSG/SEVIRI observations in the framework of aerosol_cci2 Determining a Feature Mask using Earth CARE ATLID data.Novel 3D representation for cloud NASA World Wind: the web geospatial multipurpose and multidimensional platform.

anthropogenic sources in diverse African regions TEMPO: Instrument Operations Center (IOC) and Science Data Processing Center (SDPC) An attempt to retrieve tropospheric ozone values by SCIAMACHY observations over Athens, Greece.

Cryo Sat Quality Control – A Sensitivity Study of Cryo Sat Variables Sea level budgets in the Northern Atlantic at sub-basin scale Improved representations of the Mediterranean Geoid within the GEOMED 2 project.

Contributions of local gravity, GOCE and Cryosat2 data Ice cover of Eurasian water bodies in a changing climate from satellite and in situ observations Downsampling of radar altimeter data; the impact of poor filtering strategies Danube river influence on the dynamic topography in the North-Western Black Sea basin Investigation Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Caspian Sea Dynamics based on Satellite Altimetry Data Swath processing of Cryo Sat for the Cryosphere The Sentinel-3 Hydrologic Altimetry Processor prototyp E project Cryo Sat Baseline C: improvements in operational and reprocessed L1B data quality.

Snapshots of circum-Greenland elevation change, viewed from the PROMICE airborne surveys in 2007, 2011, and 2015 Mass balance of Icelandic ice caps from Cryo Sat swath mode altimetry Challenges for Greenland-wide mass balance from Cryosat-2 radar-altimetry.

Comparing the re-tracking of the LRM and SAR modes of Cryo Sat-2 to improve satellite-derived gravity near the coast Recomputed Sea State Bias Correction for coastal altimeter products Radar altimetry backscattering signatures at Ka, Ku, C and S bands over land and ice caps MAPS: the Multi-mission Altimetry Processing Software De Dop3: the tool to process altimetry data yourself Study of the impacts of the basin scale sea level changes of the Pacific/Indian Oceans on the South China Seas based on the merged satellite altimeter products In-flight Performances Assessment of Sentinel-3 SRAL Instrument Complementarity between altimetry and SAR imagery for lead detection Impact of swells and wind-waves on the altimeter-derived estimates: analyzing real and simulated data New processing schemes enhancing SAR-mode ocean retrieval performance Altimeter Calibration Campaigns in the area of Ibiza Island Sentinel-3 Orbit Determination at the Copernicus POD Service Cryo Sat-2 processing and interpretation of Greenland ice sheet volume changes Cryo Sat Land Ice Product Validation within the Cryo Val-LI project Potential use of the SWOT satellite to characterize the hydrodynamics of the French rivers, estuaries and coasts Altimetry for inland Water - Alt Water Validation of cryo Sat-2 based lake levels An assessment of geodetic approaches to calculating the surface circulation of the Southern Ocean A fixed full-matrix method for determining ice sheet height change from satellite altimeter 20 Years of Reprocessed LYAPUNOV Exponents from Altimetry Available on AVISO Contribution of Cryosat-2 Delay Doppler mode in Mean Sea Surface models Combining Envisat and Cryo Sat-2 altimetry to inform hydrodynamic models Performance Analysis Between The Autonomous Median and DEM-steered OLTC tracking Mode for the Sentinel-3 Altimetry Mission Cryo Sat Mission: Data Quality Status and Next Product Evolutions Towards Antarctic sea-ice thickness time series with radar altimetry Arctic sea surface height variability and change from altimetry and GRACE, 2003-14 Relationships between C-band SAR backscatter and wetland water height from altimeter Tropical Cyclone Intensity Analysis Using Geospatial Techniques Preliminary Calibration and Validation Results from Sentinel-3 SRAL over Land Ice The Ocean Surface Topography Jason-CS/Sentinel-6 Mission Presenting: The Multiple Waveform Persistent Peak (MWa PP) Retracker for SAR waveforms Nonlinear diffusion filtering of the GOCE-based satellite-only mean dynamic topography Combining SAMOSA-3 and empirical retrackers for inland water height determination Comparison of the Ku/Ka bands altimeter backscattering cross-section over the ocean with application to the SARAL/Alti Ka data Synergy of Sentinels-3 sensors: On the transfer function between infrared SST and along-track altimeter observations.

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