Validating caring for others

When I finally got the chance to make the call, I was annoyed and frustrated over the inconvenience of the whole situation.The employee who assisted me caught me off guard as she validated so nicely my feelings.Social media takes this human fixation on validation and ratchets it up to a new level.You can get “external validation” from your friends on social media…doing absolutely jack and shit.We get absolutely thrashed by women who don’t respect us…because we don’t respect ourselves. ” Naturally, your parents and close family members want the best for you – but usually they won’t steer you in a path that may be a bit unconventional but is closer to what you really want to do. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for motivation. Your brain releases dopamine every time you do something that will possibly ensure or promote your survival.Men will empty their bank accounts, buy stupid clothes, sell out their friends, or do something which doesn’t benefit them all to seek the validation and gain the the attention of an attractive woman. Likewise, you may just want to show off to your friends and convince them that you’re not a damn loser. Some of these are: Millions of people around the world are addicted to all of these. Well, you get a hit of dopamine when you’re told you did a good job or when you please someone who you consider your superior or slightly above you in social standing. It can be a sign that you’re doing something right!

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No one else will do it for you, no matter how much “entertainment” you give them.If you have an ex you occasionally contact, cut her off. Anybody can just lead you down any path and you’ll gladly follow along. Who was he before the opinions of the world and self-limiting beliefs got in his way?If you have a girl’s Facebook you regularly stalk, unfriend her. You are basically dumping energy into a black hole Drawing back from certain activities and people is a key way to stop your addiction to validation. You must have guiding principles that govern your life from which you never deviate. Goals go along with the “non-negotiables” because they’re a destination. Take 10-15 minutes and sit in a quiet room and think about this. It has helped myself and millions of other people connect to others all over the globe.You also need to understand that validation has a dark side. Lastly, you need to understand that chasing an unrealistic level of validation is ultimately a road to nowhere – one that wastes time, wastes life, and ultimately wastes potential. You can’t spend your life surrounded by a bunch of yes-men, shielding you from the ups and downs of life. Lots of people spend and have spent their entire life riding a high of validation until it all came crashing down leading to their physical or emotional demise.

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