Usan dating and marriage customs

Many Colombian newlyweds also light a unity candle from two individual candles.

Godparents are often chosen for each spouse and these Godparents take on a significant role in the newly married couple's lives.

) it would be interesting for the students as well as my teacher with dissimilar background to know that how Iranians start dating, falling in love, and getting married. The way people start dating in Iran is highly dependent on the family they were born.

Generally, we have two extreme categories for Iranian families.

In this meeting, families as well as the boy and the girl talk to each for about 4-5 hours to get to know each other.

Many lower class women work to help make ends meet, while many middle class women are fairly independent and seek careers. Divorce is uncommon in Colombia as the Catholic Church frowns upon this as does most of society.

Today divorce is legal, but still something that is generally avoided, partially due to societal pressure.

Having this attitude in mind, a probable question coming to mind is that so how boys and girls in religions families meet each other for the first time while they should not have any relationships before marriage?

To answer this question I should explain a custom which we called ‘Khastegari’.

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