Updating the libraries in premise

Second E-rate Modernization Order: FCC closes the school and library connectivity gap by adjusting program rules and support levels in order to meet long-term program goals for high-speed connectivity to and within all eligible schools and libraries.

Puerto Rico Department of Education, San Juan, PR: Granted in part and dismissed in part a waiver request filed by the Puerto Rico Department of Education of the Commission’s rules requiring applicants to have a signed contract in place prior to filing an application for support, under the E-rate program.

For individuals, Corporate and Continuing Education offers year-round programming and services to help adults meet their professional and personal goals, including starting or growing a small business or preparing for retirement.

On December 11, 2014, the FCC took the next step in modernizing the E-rate program, by adopting the Second E-rate Modernization Order (see Order Summary), which sets out to maximize options for schools and libraries seeking to purchase high-speed broadband and adjusting the E-rate spending cap. Click here for a list of all open E-rate proceedings in which the Commission is seeking comment from the public.

With flexibility in design, content and delivery, Corporate and Continuing Education plays a significant role in meeting the training needs of business and industry.

Strong partnerships with governmental and community organizations allow the college to leverage multiple funding sources and to provide targeted and often hands-on skill training and knowledge to ensure a ready and reliable workforce.

The college provides the first two years of study in the arts and sciences and pre-professional fields for students who wish to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in the Associate in Arts (A. The College and Career Readiness department offers pre-college courses to help students improve their skills before enrolling in college or seeking employment.

A variety of pre-college courses are offered in language arts, math, High School Equivalency preparation, Adult High School, English as a Second Language, and specialized programs that integrate occupational training with academic and job readiness.

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