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The DSi XL also introduced the concept of having two handhelds on the market at the same time with varying screen sizes, since the XL had significantly larger screens.Continuing the tradition set by its predecessors, the Nintendo DS saw the next generation of Pokemon games released, this time called Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum.

You better act fast though, as it's available today only.

Its games moved from bulky cartridges to slim “Game Cards”, though it retained an extra slot on the bottom for backwards compatibility with Game Boy Advance games.

It was also the first handheld console to support wireless connectivity without any additional peripherals.

Released in 2004, the Nintendo DS was out just before the release of Sony’s Play Station Portable (PSP), which would go on to become the first real competitor to Nintendo’s grip on the handheld gaming market.

Despite this, the Nintendo DS went on to become insanely popular, and it’s dual screen design lives on today in a newer console called the Nintendo 3DS.

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