Updating ruby on the mac

A lot of equipment and to convey information about her, each tick would be costly. You can do in the code to conduct the actual list of units and update it is not difficult to implement.

And why not implement the update of the array data units by means of API?

Thus, it is wrong, for example, to save references to objects world or vehicle and retrieve updated information about these objects in the following ticks, reading its fields.” - does it mean that example implementation is wrong?

because it initializes terrain Type By Cell XY = Terrain By Cell XY(); weather Type By Cell XY = Weather By Cell XY(); only one in the game. I ask, because I want to learn how to do business on the example of a large company :) Were known, when it will increase the load on the server.

Carefully read the section “What you should pay attention to” for various aspects due to which your strategy can get the “Verification error” verdict.

The total number of submissions are not restricted, however there are restrictions on too frequent submitting.

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If everything is OK, your strategy will automatically start to participate in regular qualifying games in Sandbox.

Remember that in your starter pack you can change only the file My Strategy.$ (where $ — extension language you are using), and even if you change some other file and also add it to the archive, it will be replaced on standard (except for My Strategy.h in C ).

There is no inertia in the world of Code Wars, thus units can instantly change their speed.

Ideally, first create a group, then when you need somewhere to send the group - CLEAR_AND_SELECT(group number), MOVE(dx, dy) But how to select? For example, you can add your file in the classpath and explicitly specify the startup class. I read the documentation, but something never found, as every tick of the game to know what units my strategy has and where they are.

That is where they are clear how to learn: in object properties, but how to get the array of objects with all units?

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