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We’ll show you how to join Code Wars in a few minutes. We kindly ask all participants to provide accurate and complete information about yourself.Download the package for your favorite programming language from the language packs page.

That is where they are clear how to learn: in object properties, but how to get the array of objects with all units?

Well, that is, to store data about objects in the body of a class automatically to add them there, well and update “I” ie in fact to realize that you want to implement from the participants, but at the same time that it was originally sewn into the API?

using the coordinates or the relative displacement? I don’t understand: the aim of the strategy is to make or rebus (i.e. I assumed that 10 tanks in 10 locations at a time not send.

I read the documentation, but something never found, as every tick of the game to know what units my strategy has and where they are.

To transfer such number of units each tick is too resource-intensive.

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