Updating openwrt

After all, all major Linux distributions have an autoupdate functionality. In the case of a primarily desktop platform like Ubuntu, there’s only a few platforms to support (x86, x64).

updating openwrt-44

Even for packages and images which are built, testing is rather limited since testing requires access to a physical piece of hardware.It’s simply the case though that autoupdating the community version of Open Wrt would only be feasible on a few high-profile devices while the vast majority of devices would be left out in the cold.Does this mean we should scrap the idea of automatic updates on Open Wrt? Remember that the Open Wrt images provided by the project, which we’ll call upstream Open Wrt, are not the only versions Open Wrt of used on devices.Many manufacturers and service providers use Open Wrt as the base of their embedded device firmware.These groups often have a limited set of models to support.

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