Updating jetdirect firmware

RFU file update as long as it is in a "ready" state. Note If the file name or path includes a space, you must enclose the file name or path in quotationmarks. RFU" The following series of messages appears in the command window: 200 PORT command successful 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection 226 Ready 226 Processing Job 226 Transfer complete Then, a message that contains the transfer-speed information appears. The download process begins and the firmware is updated on the MFP. Let the process finish without further interaction with the MFP or computer. If you need to upgrade the firmware for multiple HP Laser Jet 4345mfps, select all ofthem by pressing the Ctrl key as you click the name of each MFP. Locate the drop-down box for Device Tools in the upper-right corner of the window. RFU file is not listed in the All Available Images box, click Browse in the Upload New Firmware Image dialog box and navigate to the location of the . After the upload is complete, the browser window refreshes.

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We have created fixes for products below which will resolve these issues. Customers can download these patches in the form of software upgrades at: Fix revision number ---------------------------------- -------------------- HP Procurve Switch 2524 (J4813A) F.04.08 or greater HP Procurve Switch 2512 (J4812A) F.04.08 or greater HP Procurve Switch 4108GL (J4865A) G.04.05 or greater HP Procurve Switch 4108GL-bundle (J4861A) G.04.05 or greater Not all HP Procurve products have completed testing, nor are they listed here, and may or may not have these vulnerabilities. To determine if your HP-UX system has snmpd or snmpdm installed: swlist -l file | grep snmpd B.------------------------------------------------------------------ PROBLEM: Vulnerabilities in SNMP request and trap handling. For HP-UX releases: PHSS_26137 s700_800 HP-UX 10.20 OV EMANATE14.2 Agent PHSS_26138 s700_800 HP-UX 11. X EMANATE Release 14.2 For systems running OV NNM: PHSS_26286 s700_800 HP-UX 10.20 ovtrapd large trap fix PHSS_26287 s700_800 HP-UX 11. AVAILABILITY: Patches for some affected systems are available now. Rev.03 Jetdirect vulnerability updated ------------------------------------------------------------------ A. Background CERT has issued an advisory: CERT Advisory CA-2002-03 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Many Implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv1) containing information about the vulnerabilities.PLATFORM: HP 9000 Series 700 and Series 800 running HP-UX releases 10. X HP Procurve switches **REVISED 03** ---- Jet Direct Firmware MC/Service Guard, EMS HA Monitors DAMAGE: Possible denial-of-service, service interruptions, unauthorized access. CHANGE SUMMARY: Rev.01 affected HP Procurve scope expanded, plus Procurve patch availability added. Hewlett-Packard Company will revise this bulletin as new information becomes available.The HP Jetdirect page is the second page that prints when you print the configuration page. Note Before upgrading the firmware, make sure that the MFP is not in Sleep mode.

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