Updating java and flash player

I'm deploying over 10-20 computers every week and have to update each computer manually.Is there a script that I could use that: Checks-Version, Downloads-New-Version, Updates-New-Version.

To summarize: if you don't update JAVA and don't update your apps, then you might be O. for your system not dying (of course, you might be leaving yourself open for a vulnerability or two).

Additionally you can specify if the icons should be created on the desktop and if Auto-update in the programs should be enabled or not. I have it scripted out in our domain updating Java Adobe Reader and a few others at each boot of the computers and haven't had to touch a machine to install or update those programs in over a year now.

:) The time it has saved is well worth low price they ask for Pro.

(Portable-Software) Use Ninite Pro and you can push those installs to the machine from remote over the network.

It's also portable so you can just throw the EXE on a machine, use it to do the installs/updates and then delete it (no install/uninstall).

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