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Transferring Purchased Tracks (All i Pod Devices)i Pod Touch (and i Phone and i Pad)i Pod Classic Community Q&A Transferring music to your i Pod is usually simple enough, but things get a lot more complicated when you're trying to go the opposite direction.

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While Apple makes wireless updating available from i OS 5 and later versions, users can stil update i Phones from the computer using i Tunes.That seems like a lot of work just to update my i Pod, especially since I don't know of any actual benefits resulting from the update. If you're happy as-is, you might not want to bother.What benefits will I get from updating my i Pod Touch? You gain all features and bug fixes implemented since then and possibly support running more software, or get more features with the software you have. But don't come crying when a long-fixed bug, or maybe a hardware problem (no backups? My ipod all of a sudden won't connect to the conputer (3rd generation nano). Seems to be happening since the last i Tunes software update. i have an ipod nano (3g) and whenever my ipod is connected, nothing happened. in itunes press 'help' and then 'run diagnostics' an select the ipod connectivity tests (3rd down). good luck and remember to follow the 5 R's if in doubt..I connect it to the usb thing and it won't show up on the computer, i Pod, or i Tunes! Have you tried using different USB cables and/or different USB ports? Then another software update which I hesitated to download, thinking (quite rightly as it turned out) it might happen again. I connect my ipod but can't find it in i Tunes to sync, nor does the ipod say anything about being connected. After the test, in ports, press the button on the side and it should go to the apple help site for this particlar reason. viewlocale=en_US if you go through the steps then it should eventually work. thank you for reading and i hope this gives success to most ipod users!!! I sometimes have this problem on my Power Mac G4 with a third-party USB 2.0 card.

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