Updating imac super drive

I inserted a CD so far I had to use tweezers to pull the disc back out, so I know there's no controller firing off to pull the disc in. Moved up to Sierra a few days ago and the drive is visible on start up but then i'll get this warning msg after 10 mins or so saying "you've inserted an unreadable disk...do you want to do etc".

My "About This Mac" shows in "Storage" I have an optical drive, so I know that much. Since upgrading to Sierra the inbuilt CD/DVD drive does nothing - will not accept discs at all. Spoke with Apple support and they suggested the SMC reset which didn't cure the issue.

​It looks like you have already done some troubleshooting.The Super Drive uses a slot-loading mechanism which pulls the disc directly in rather than first placing the disc onto a loading tray. Before troubleshooting, first confirm the discs you are using will work with your computer.Inserting a non-standard sized or shaped disc into a drive that is not designed to accommodate it may damage the drive.My Mac Book Pro Late 2011 no longer performs the "disc check" sound when restarting my Mac - after updating to Sierra.I've tried the SMC reset and have gone through the steps to: Sleep-Power Up...

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