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[I could] make all of those relationships fields, but I think that would be longer.

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You need to check three settings in Word Options (accessible via the File tab in Word 2010-2016 or the Office Button in Word 2007): In the Display Options, you’ll need to make sure that the fields will update themselves before you print the document; otherwise, you’ll have to remember to select them all and press F9.

Still in Word Options, but this time in the Advanced Options, make sure to check “Show bookmarks”, set the “Field shading” to Always, then scroll down to turn on “Allow fields containing tracked changes to update before printing”: Now that you’ve checked (and possibly corrected) your settings in Word Options, you can move on to your document.

Since wills are such a perfect example, I’m going to use a form will (severely truncated for illustration purposes, so ).

She gave me a sample will, medical power of attorney, and some correspondence.

There are several places in the will, where it will say, “I leave my sons…or my wife, Mary,” for example.

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