Updating active cells in vba

You can use the Activate method to designate which cell is the active cell.

For example, the following procedure makes B5 the active cell and then formats it as bold.

The top-level workbook has two "dashboard" worksheets that each contain a large 2D array of cells.

Most cells contain formulas that refer to cells in the subordinate workbooks.

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Whenever I issue a [Shift-]Ctrl-Alt-F9 outside of VBA execution (or a Calculate Full[Rebuild] in a VBA sub), the dashboard that is the active worksheet updates fine, but some of the rollup cells in the nonactive dashboard do not.

Value End If End Sub Private Sub User Form_Initialize() Dim Rws As Long, Rng As Range, sh1 As Worksheet Set sh1 = Worksheets("Sheet1") With sh1 Rws = .

I am trying to update the value of the Target cell using VBA macro when it exists in particular Range. Value = "AST-" & old Cell Value End If End Sub Dim old Cell Address As String Dim old Cell Value As String Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Range) old Cell Value = 0 If Not Intersect(Target, Range("E10: E500")) Is Nothing Then Application.

You can apply any of the properties or methods of a Range object to the active cell, as in the following example.

Note You can work with the active cell only when the worksheet that it is on is the active sheet.

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