Up dating verizon phones

Like Verizon, it’ll take 1-2 billing cycles for the credits to start.: T-Mobile’s list of devices that will get you 0 off is pretty extensive.Samsung Store Link If you are a Verizon customer and don’t want to shop from the Samsung store, then your deal is also a 0-off trade-in, but it’s not as clean and pretty as Samsung’s.

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T-Mobile Links: Galaxy S9 | Galaxy S9 Sprint Galaxy S9 deal Current customers can trade-in their phones and get up to a 0 discount spread out over monthly Sprint Flex payments.If you have a Galaxy S8, S8 , S8 Active, or any of the newest i Phones (X or 8), Samsung will give you an instant 0 off.If you have a Pixel 2, Galaxy S7, i Phone 7, or LG V30, you’ll get 0 off.Sprint has not yet listed the devices you can trade to get the max 0.For new customers, you can get the 0 trade-in deal as well as a 0 prepaid Visa gift card by porting over your number to a new line.

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