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Name Change petitions are available online from the Office of the Registrar.A student who is currently enrolled or has applied to graduate and is requesting an official name change on his or her academic records must complete this form and present it, in person, at the Office of the Registrar.In our spring-quarter multimedia course, each student creates an original podcast under the guidance of a professional radio producer.The podcasts, between four and five minutes long, accompany the feature stories in Science Notes.We strongly suggest that you change your password and set up a password hint the first time you access the My UCSC portal.

The grades of A, B, C, and D may be modified by a plus ( ) or minus (-).

The following information is considered public information and may be disclosed: name, telephone numbers, campus e-mail address, college, division, department, field(s) of study (including major, minor, concentration, specialization, and similar designations), class level (e.g.

frosh, senior), dates of attendance, number of credits enrolled in the current term, degrees and honors, and name, weight, and height of intercollegiate athletes.

Be prepared to show proof of the correctly spelled name.

When you file a Name Change petition, you may also order and pay for a new student ID card at the Bay Tree Bookstore Building.

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