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To have this information withheld from release, go to the Personal Information area on the My UCSC portal and select privacy settings from the drop-down menu.Be sure that you understand the implications of filing this request. Once a Request for Nonrelease of Public Information is filed, it remains in effect—even after you are no longer attending UCSC—until you request to rescind it via the My UCSC portal, or by letter.Incompletes lapse at the end of the subsequent quarter; in letter-graded courses, the I lapses to an F, in Pass/No Pass grading, to a No Pass.Degrees awarded, honors, number of transfer credits, evaluations of courses, and an evaluation of comprehensive examination or senior thesis also appear.Be prepared to show proof of the correctly spelled name.

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frosh, senior), dates of attendance, number of credits enrolled in the current term, degrees and honors, and name, weight, and height of intercollegiate athletes.

In our spring-quarter multimedia course, each student creates an original podcast under the guidance of a professional radio producer.

The podcasts, between four and five minutes long, accompany the feature stories in Science Notes.

NP will appear for courses taken fall 2001 and after.

The grades of A, B, C, and D may be modified by a plus ( ) or minus (-).

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