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In fact, they said they are specifically not writing Season 7 as if it were the last one. It has material from all six seasons, and it sounds like an in-depth interview that spans the entire book.

One of the things that the new Facebook pages design makes obvious above all others is the lack of updates on a Facebook page.

It's also safe to assume you don't need to hold your breath waiting for it.

Based on the production schedule for the most recent season the premiere is likely not going to happen until 2018 at earliest, but we're likely looking at some time in 2019.

While they have not been renewed for a Season 8, they HAVE NOT been cancelled. It has expanded into a much bigger book than they imagined and Ken Plume has been doing the work on it.

That's still a ways off, but it's something to look forward to. If you didn't, I have some good news: it will be re-airing all this week, starting tonight at 1am (eastern/pacific, adjust accordingly for your own timezone) on Adult Swim.

Thanks to Thorn and Moosy Mooz for sending this in! You can also check out the extra-special, hour-long "All This And Gargantua-2" this upcoming Sunday night at am. Here's your discussion thread for "Red Means Stop", the season six finale.

season six, "A Party For Tarzan", which I presume will contain Tarzan and some sort of celebration for him. Use the comments to talk about the episoide or your crazy theories about the show in ... This week's episode is called "Tanks For Nuthin" and it's sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. As per usual, use the comments here to talk about the episode, including all the stuff that ... Panel from NYCC 2016 is archived on Twitch at the mail channel. Orpheus and Dermott have both been written in to Season 7, though the latter in small doses.

Read More » Outside of the usual subscriptions, if you're finding yourself light in the wallet there are now a couple episodes you can watch completely free of charge, no cable provider login required. They are finishing working on the scripts and they hope to start production in the next month or two.

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