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The same cost responsibility and cost split applies in the case of dependent children of the employee.Working newcomers to Bermuda are not given a choice by their employers of local healthcare plans but must accept the plan and its insurer offered by their employer.Newcomers to Bermuda, including those from the United Kingdom, should note there is no equivalent in Bermuda to the UK's National Health Service (NHS), the publicly funded healthcare system, the largest and the oldest such system in the world, able to function in the way it does because it is primarily funded through the general taxation system.The system provides healthcare to anyone legally resident in the United Kingdom, with most services free at the point of use.Canada has a broadly similar system for all its residents.Bermuda has no reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the USA, Canada, United Kingdom or any other country.Employers, not employees, choose health insurance for the employer and its employees initiating or dropping coverage, or picking among such options as monthly premium costs, co-payments, annual deductibles and prescription drug coverage and what the latter includes or excludes.But it has meant that the employer's participating insurance companies cannot turn employees away or charge them more because they have an illness or medical condition.

There are also a number of locally-registered private medical doctors (general practitioners, or GPs) several clinics and pharmacies.In 1970, via the Hospital (later rettitled Health) Insurance Act - see Laws/Health Insurance Act 1970- it has been a legal requirement for employers based or operating in Bermuda to provide and pay for a health plan specific to that employer and for that employer's Bermuda employees at all levels and whether local or expatriate, Bermudian or non-Bermudian, to accept and help pay for up to 50% of the cost for that employee and qualified Bermuda-resident members of his or her family.All such health plans must be offered by majority-Bermudian owned and operated, not non-Bermudian, companies licensed by the Bermuda Government to provide such services.Bermuda does not have any government or private health service offering free healthcare, medical, hospital, surgical or medical prescription services in return for taxes paid.Bermuda is not on the list of countries with reciprocal health care agreements either inside or outside the European Economic Area, as mentioned in the UK Department of Health's booklet "Health Advice for Travellers." Although Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, it does not qualify for reciprocal health services for travelers, as happens between the United Kingdom and countries in the European Economic Community All visitors to Bermuda from all countries, whether on holiday (vacation) or business, or coming to see family or friends, should protect themselves in their home countries against any medical contingency they may incur while they are in Bermuda.

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