Transas not updating charts

A current problem with the i Sailor system is that subscribers are not able to transfer subscription information and charts from Apple devices to Android devices and vice versa.

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Having returned from the journey, John and Maxine published a richly illustrated book called "Sailing Through Russia" describing Tainui's groundbreaking journey.

The IP-Mobile Cast service utilizes multicasting technology to deliver large amounts of content to many ships at once, overcoming the prohibitively high satellite communications costs typically charged to deliver files for individual use.

The new service is notable for technological advancements that enable content to be delivered over the top of KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network, while also ensuring that the multicasting transmission does not affect the vessel’s mini-VSAT Broadband onboard data speed.

Ince Co has just received official confirmation from the Central Office of the French customs authority confirming that the reverse-charge mechanism on import is available to commercial yachts. Renowned in the industry for his leading-edge vessel designs and diverse portfolio, Antrim is working with…

What’s New AIS Class A transponder support Receive dynamic navigational data from AIS Class A (IMO type) transponders via TCP or UDP connection.

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