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Rapunzel’s prince scaled her tresses to meet her, Cinderella’s prince searched his land for her, and Sleeping Beauty’s prince kissed her out of her slumber!All these fables sound marvellous when read from a storybook, but contemporary princesses will run in the opposite direction or slap you with a restraining order if you woo them in ways like the above.” DO NOT: Give the power of speech all the freedom in the world.This is one of the few times when curbing it works best. Here is a list of things that may annoy your guy.1. Let the guy take care of you when it is really necessary.

DO NOT: Take for granted that she’ll open her own doors.She may be conquering the business world, the professional world, and a whole lot of other worlds in between, but when she’s with you, she wants doors opened, chairs drawn, etc.So if you assume that being chivalrous is a thing of the past, you’ve got another thing coming.Most of you think you know how to woo us women, and you probably do.But knowing what NOT to do is sometimes even more important than knowing what to do.

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