Things not to do when dating

DO NOT: Pretend to know her better because you’re on her list.

Take time to actually try and get to know her – not based on her posts, please.

If you do tell her that, the act seems like you’re doing her a favour or fulfilling an obligation and that is a real dampener.

The fact that you’re doing it to begin with will be more than enough for her to know that you’re doing it for her.

Come over too aloof Oh, but it’s a fine line we first daters must tread.

You are no longer a child Learn to find answers to your questions without asking your man to help you in resolving your issues.

If you don’t know her and like her anyway, see if you have common friends who can introduce you to her.

In case you have no one in common and decide on approaching her anyway, use an honest approach, not a conversation starter!

But, do not love yourself to such an extent that all you can talk about and are concerned with is YOU.Most of you think you know how to woo us women, and you probably do.But knowing what NOT to do is sometimes even more important than knowing what to do.Rapunzel’s prince scaled her tresses to meet her, Cinderella’s prince searched his land for her, and Sleeping Beauty’s prince kissed her out of her slumber!All these fables sound marvellous when read from a storybook, but contemporary princesses will run in the opposite direction or slap you with a restraining order if you woo them in ways like the above.

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