The dating game killer

How BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY, and PURE and INNOCENT they were.Yes, those poor women/girls and they were pretty/beautiful, but there is more to them than that.I like the way the story was broken down into small bites, because otherwise reading about this more-than-thirty-year-long story would have been very difficult to get through.I also like the way the author tells us so much about the known victims, making the tragedy of their loss far easier to grasp.Shelves: 2015-outdo-yourself-reading-challen, books-i-read-in-2015, brb-bikini-kill-time, contemplating-my-life-choices-rn, attack-of-the-wild-snark, creepy, dark, i-am-a-book-goat, i-can-t-guise-i-can-t, i-read-this-so-you-don-t-have-to Disclaimer: I pretty much did not like this book, so I ranted in my review. There were some long chapters, but only during key points and tr Disclaimer: I pretty much did not like this book, so I ranted in my review. There were some long chapters, but only during key points and trials.-Erm, I'm sure I liked more things to give it a somewhat 3 star rating.Will come back to this later.-I did like that she gave background info to not only the killer but the victims and their family as well, but this also turned into a dislike, which I will explain later.-My favorite quote: "Asked whether or not she [Veronica Thomas, a psychologist hired by the prosecution to interview Alcala] felt that Alcala was evil, Thomas replied, 'Evil is not a psychological term and difficult to objectify.

Ten years before his TV appearance, Rodney was charged with the sexual assault and attempted murder of an eight-year-old girl.Finished this book yesterday morning and I must say Stella Sands did a very good job. For example one thing she did was write in bulleted form about the mayor news events that happened for example in 1977 and then she also added something Rodney Alcala was doing, or had done at that same time.Killed someone or was suspected of killing someone.In the decades that followed, he would be accused of seven murders—and, as new DNA evidence continues to be uncovered, the list may grow.The case is so disturbing that it's been documented in several news outlets, from People magazine and USA Today to 48 Hours Mystery and Dr. The Dating Game Killer is the shocking true story about the dark and twisted man.

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