Susannah dating thomas big brother invalidating patent

After the show (it must have been the 2003 season) my friends spotted them having a holiday on Great Keppel Island (sp? They chose a stupid time to go, because it was full of Schoolies at hte time... I have no doubt that probably didn't last though.Bree also hosted the Friday Night Live/Games show, and she got some sort of cancer too at some stage.While at home, Trevor’s trying his hand at writing for TV and has also signed with an agency in the hope of getting acting work.

The pair often see their fellow ’07 housemates, icluding Nick Sady and Aleisha Cowcher. Jo Ashton (Season 3) The lawyer and model gave birth to daughter Sienna a year ago. Although Jo gained 25 kg while pregnant, she got back into shape for a Zoo shoot six months ago. Krystal Forscutt (Season 6) She did some saucy magazine shoots, but Krystal is now studying acting at LA’s famous The Groundlings School She also scored a bit part in Packed To The Rafters last year. She’s still working at the station and is blissfully happy at home. “I’m blessed.”Kate Hastings (Season 6) Katie works as a health, lifestyle and entertainment co-ordinator for a mining company.After reading something about Hotdogs in a different thread, it got me wondering, where are all these people now, who were after a bit of fame...Obviously, Blair went on to Neighbours, Sara (was theat her) had the bum dance single.happened to the rest of them?” p So sick of seeing Krystal's tits on the front cover of men's magazines at the service station. I remember Gretel almost crying when he came out of the house and she was telling him it was OK just to be himself. ) Where her retina degenerates and she'll be blind one day. I can't for the life of me think of her name, but she was lovely and worked in her ex husbands fish shop. So that's what she did with herself for a while I guess. My daughter's Pingu watching is melting my brain cells lol.

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