Sudan dating and marriage

Besides, I want to say that early marriages are usually based on love, not on money.Many people often regret that they did not connect their life with the first love.If you are sure that this love is real, you should take your chance and get married, not appealing to the age. I want to remind you that most marriages in Ukraine are made under 20.

So, we move to the next argument against early marriage lack of education and the need to get higher education.

Many people prefer to graduate from the university or college first and only then get married and have children.

You should achieve some results in your career and then it will be easier for your to stay in a good job with a good salary.

The next argument is that most young people (especially girls) physiologically are ready to get married and have children.

The doctors say that this is the best age for having the first baby.

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    Russian and Ukrainian women are known to be not only feminine and charming but faithful wives and the most loving mothers as well.

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    This period of courtship is sometimes seen as a precursor to engagement.

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