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Pros: App is very stable, easy to use, good user interface.The filtering is the best of any of these apps, so if you know what you’re looking for, this is where to start.You've been dating awhile, you've changed your status to "In A Relationship" on Facebook, but are you "Netflix Official"?

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Our descendants will be proud, though they will wonder what we did technologically in the intervening 43 years between landing on the moon and inventing Tinder.Even if their hearts are pure they’ll still be able to run you over with their Ferrari one day and pay off the cops. Every day at noon you get a new person to like/dislike. CMB has been wonderful for some people I know while others have deleted the app after a full month of 31 people they were never all that interested in.If they also like you then you have ten days to talk and exchange numbers before the app closes your line. On Tinder you can swipe 31 people in fewer seconds, but where’s the romantic sense of fate and destiny in that?Who You’ll Meet: Ivy Leaguers, A Disproportionate Number of Asians, Gorgeous Nerds, People With Way Cooler Jobs Than You._____________________ Tinder Ah, Tinder. What happened to the innocent days of pre-Tinder, back in 2012, when ISIS was still part of Al-Qaeda and the Syrian Civil War was only one year old?You can get a more nuanced take on Tinder and online dating, in Aziz Ansari’s wonderful and surprisingly data-driven book, Modern Romance.

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