Stephanie rice and michael phelps dating

Now we can’t confirm if a game of strip poker was played at any point between the two, but we can say that if it did, Phelps was likely completely naked after just a couple of rounds.

Maria Ho is one hell of a poker player and don’t make her gentle and seductive looks fool you.

She’s also a reality television star, who apparently has a thing for swimmers.

Phelps didn’t put a cap on his love interests to just being models, he also took an interest for a chick in his field, Olympic Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice.

In all likelihood, Tiger was smiling at Phelps for this hook up.

Turns out the two did a little more than just hookup, they actually dated for a couple of months spanning from the summer of 2013, till the end of 2013 in December.

At the age of 29, the Australian beauty is now retired hanging up the swimwear back in 2014.

Even her darn website discusses her hookup with Phelps in her bio on the front page!

We’ll have more on the exact details of the hook up in an entry later in the article.

For Woods, not so much as he mingled with the bulk of his females while he was a “happily” married man.

We give Phelps a major plus for hooking up with these women while he was a single bachelor.

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