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"'I was so worried I would come back and people would say "you were really different".

I was having a bit of an identity crisis, and was like "who am I? Being me is good.'The aspiring politician became close friends with former London Mayor Boris Johnson's father, Stanley, in the jungle.

'Despite the presenters' constant encouragement, Stanley still landed every shot far away from his target, causing the Geordie presenters to erupted into hysterical laughter as the clock runs out.

Aware of his mishap however, Stanley simply said in his usual witty style: 'This must be a world record of misses... ' To which Ant responded playfully: 'It's easier than you're making it look though!

'It was my idea to do a satirical column because so many weird and wonderful things seem to happen to me every single week, you couldn’t write it.'It seems she does, however, write it.

Toff was sure to insist: 'I really write it all myself and it's all true and I am very proud of it.'Will her new status as a national treasure mean she will play a lower-key role on Made In Chelsea though?

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'I would not have been able to go into the jungle without it.After failing in his first few attempts, Ant quipped: 'It's like watching England play penalties,' at which Dec adds: 'No, its worse!' Although he has less than half the time left, the politician refuses to rush his remaining attempts - with Dec joking: 'There's no sense of urgency is there!It was the first time in the show's history that a constestant had to be pulled out before attempting the trial.She said: 'I'm absolutely devastated that I couldn't do the trial with Stanley (Johnson).

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