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On older homes, the flexible metal conduit on armored cable is normally used in place of a ground wire.

The conduit is clamped to the electrical outlet box on one end and to a known ground, such as the grounding stake on the other end (at the main panel).

All the best game show parodies of Saturday Night Live come together in this video that features such hilarious game shows as Old French Whore, Sucker Punches, Jeopardy 1999!

, Celebrity Jeopardy, Bensonhurst Dating Game, and much more!

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Travanti (shown here), Murphy created an interactive world of his own by asking viewers to vote by telephone on whether to save the life of a lobster named Larry – otherwise the lobster would be boiled on air for dinner.

Large Hummer-type vehicles, trucks with industrial grade power being sold on the consumer market, and big heavy fuselages (I know that is an airplane term, but some of the cars were so large they looked larger than a small plane! Nice to see that the most anticipated new models this year are the enviro-friendly ones.

They will have their place in the spotlight over the course of the next two weeks in Frankfurt - but the real road test will come when they hit the market.

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