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) The Western Gazette used the holiday to poke fun at its rival, Queens College, by announcing Western University had changed their motto to Quck Fueens and then proceeds to explain why while poking fun at the other school. He started by wanting to do a documentary on how using public transportation could benefit University of Tampa students, but thanks to an uninformed security officer, Alejandro Romero is informing students, and other journalists, of their rights.

One of most possible stories (if not for all the warnings), is this piece from the Rocky Mountain Collegian saying the college president had been caught posting mean comments on the outlet’s Facebook page. “Frank, writing under the pseudonym ‘Frony Tank,’ was exposed by the hacker group Anonymous after a comment on webpage went viral, garnering 12 likes on Facebook in forty-five minutes.” The Record at SUNY Buffalo State wrote a slew of pieces for April 1. Simpson will be a guest lecturer talking to students about gambling culture. While pursuing the class assignment, Alejandro, a senior double majoring in journalism and communications, and his classmates were approached by security.

It’s important to know what our rights are when filming people in public spaces.” Fortunately this lesson has helped him in his position as multimedia editor for the online newspaper, The Minaret.

Alejandro said he believes multimedia has a big role to play in reporting.

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Another story explains that all elevators will be replaced in favor of fireman poles. Trey Carr at wrote about his love for all things Miles Teller only to remind readers to check the date. Carr isn’t a Teller fan, but the piece is pretty funny (I mean, he praises the Fantastic 4 performance!“So, we want to explore where we can go as journalists to get our footage,” he said.“Journalists go out to public places trying to get their stories, and it’s important knowing your rights to avoid a lawsuit or worse – being arrested.“I look up and down the walls full of flyers advertising events going on at UT and pick some fun or unusual events going on at UT and cover them,” he said.“I also try to look for events or festivals going around the Tampa area that UT students can partake on, like the story I did last year with the annual Vegan festival Veg Fest.

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