Slump buster dating

Neither daughter wants to give their bedroom to me, so I end up on a folding cot on the sun porch.

The sun porch is located at the far end of the house, off my Cousin Sandy’s bedroom. I dose off almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Having a plan in place for when the worst does happen and knowing there's a team of people to back you up should relieve some of the anxiety.

Big data is past the hype stage, but are organizations really past the challenges and getting the most value out of big data technologies? Here's a look at the state of big data maturity and the challenges that remain.

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My Cousin, Sandy, took my virginity a week after my seventh birthday.

IT leaders face a tornado of vendor news and business user demands relating to emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and augmented reality.

Those leaders need to put those technologies and the business need in perspective.

We live about a four hour drive from the hospital so it requires us to stay overnight.

My Dad’s sister lives near the hospital and offers to put us up overnight. They have two daughters who have their own bedrooms.

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