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if this is what they can come up with, it's pretty unimpressive."The question looming over Sessions’s nomination isn’t just about his personal views on race, but whether he believes in vigorous enforcement of federal civil-rights laws, and whether as attorney general, he would see them enforced.

The partisan balance of the chamber moved 14 seats in favor of Republicans in the four elections leading up to the 2002 elections.

Civil-rights organizations balked when Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who was rejected for a federal judgeship in 1986 over allegations he made racist remarks, was chosen to succeed Loretta Lynch as attorney general. Sessions himself claims to have been a champion of desegregation.

Sessions’s allies have sought to portray those criticisms as unfair, in part by pointing to his record of filing desegregation lawsuits as U. “I filed 20 or 30 civil-rights cases to desegregate schools and political organizations and county commissions when I was a United States attorney,” Sessions told in 2009.

Alongside the Texas State Senate, it forms the legislative branch of the Texas state government and works alongside the governor of Texas to create laws and establish a state budget.

Gov • Attorney General • State executive offices • State Senate • State House • Special state legislative • Supreme court • Appellate courts • Local judges • School boards • Municipal • How to run for office The Texas House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Texas State Legislature.

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