Sia dating le tigre who is mase dating

This is a fine album for easy summer listening, but the formulaic aspect of the songs keep it from being a classic.

But that doesn't mean this record isn't still a lot of fun.

From its insanely catchy first single, "Clap Your Hands", to the dance-command that is "Bright Night", this is an album for happy times.

Better still, this is an album that creates happy times as Sia cuts her teeth on a jangly record unlike anything she would have created during her days with Zero 7.

"Be Good to Me", in which Sia channels Amy Winehouse, is more of a ballad, and it helps showcase the more gravelly end of Furler's powerful pipes.

"Codependent", while still an eighties-inflected dance song, is still a refreshing change from the formula which informs much of the album.

So, I was excited to try to figure out what exactly "One Million Bullets" is about.

"Stop Trying" is a simple pop song: "We like you / this is a game already won / stop trying", goes the chorus as it flows seamlessly through the verses.

When asked whether she'd written a song about their first kiss, she told the station, "It's not really my jam although I did write one right before we got together I like to say is about us.

I'm trying to pitch that to Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars.

Perhaps the song is more metaphorical than literal.

Sia has famously been uncomfortable with the spotlight, donning a rotation of wigs, masks, and using other distractions to prevent her audience from seeing her face while she performs. "It's possible the song is about her struggle of giving herself over to the public in order to do what she loves to do, and her love/hate relationship with her career.

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