Should i trust my instincts dating

Three years ago she caught him doing the same thing.

For a split second she wonders if he’s a sex addict. Regardless of whether the topic is marriage, affairs, addictions or trust—too many people ignore their instincts. People ignore their instinct for many reasons: not wanting to feel bad, fear it may be true, fear it may break up the relationship, self doubt, the other person’s explanations, etc.

Ignore your gut feelings, do what you think is logical and base it on the same information as everybody else.

Now, if you want to end the same way then go ahead and trust your mind.Excuses upon excuses pile up and sooner or later you drop the matter entirely until years later where you realize just how much you wished you would have done it.The same way when your gut tells you it is a bad idea, doing it anyway will only lead you to regret it too.When your gut tells you that you want to do something, it often speaks from your deep down emotions.The only thing preventing you from actually going after what you want is your mind telling you that it may not make sense.

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