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He has actively pursued acting for the past decade, starring in various hit dramas including tv N's Another Miss Oh in 2016.Na, 26, made her debut as a child actress in director Kim Ki Duk's Address Unknown in 2001. I hope the story is intense and passionate b/c that fits him very well /...... Just finished "Summer's Desire" and really want something deep, intense passionate, like that .... Tae ha has many flaws, but after all he's just a great man, he's honest and responsible, the one whom we can depend on. It's too late for me to watch this drama, but it's better than never watch it, right? This is undoubtedly one of the best k-dramas I've ever watched. it would be great if it would go along the same path - especially now that the heroine has learned and no longer is the cliche 'diligent but optimistic poor girl' as she was at the start of "QSS"..... And I always love Eric oppa, as actor, as rapper, as leader, as a man, as everything. I watched this drama because of Eric Oppa, and it's kind of interesting drama, although I need more yeo reum tae ha scenes. The writers did a good job portraying a typical k-drama love triangle in a very interesting and realistic way.

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But you still feel sorry for Sung Joon's character. Some of you might not like han yeo reum but i think every woman will be like her. She might be mean, selfish and a bitch but it's way better than lying, keep hiding things but keep that straight face as if you did nothing wrong. Nam might be a devoted lover but he kinds of untruthful and indecisive. The thing that i like the most in this drama is it shows what are the things that can shake up your relationship. I really hope that Han Yeo Reum will and up with Kang Tae Ha, Yoon Sol & Do Joon Ho and Nam Ha Jin will be with An A Rim..will be a really happy ending for me :) I got a vibe that ha yeo reum will end up wuth ha jin... Why is there so often such an age gap when it really isn t necessary in casting. i hope the rating will not exceed 25% so that eric and sung joon will not give free hug hehe *just kidding* all the best for this drama : D Why oh Why did the director and writers "NOT" allow Yeo Reum in episode 8 a comeback after the orphan Girl called her a stalker? She also appeared in MBC's Over The Rainbow and High Kick! She confirmed on Monday that she would join the cast of the film adaptation of Cheese In The Trap. Ha jin is just a perfect man but the perfect one doesn't mean the most suitable one. I hope this has all the originality of "QSS" (the 1 girl-cliche is the exception in the entire thing).... SEOUL (Korea Herald/Asia News Network) - Eric Mun, the leader of boy band Shinhwa, is set to tie the knot with model and actress Na Hye Mi on July 1.He posted a letter to fans on the band's official social media page on Monday morning (April 17) to announce his upcoming marriage with his girlfriend of three years.

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