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With the right knowledge about oral, vaginal, and anal sex you can stay healthy, enjoy your sex life, and make the right choices for yourself.Whatever happens your first time, your sexual feelings will keep on changing and developing as time goes on.While the idea of sex itself might interest or excite you, you may be worried or confused about it at the same time.You might also be afraid of other people’s reactions.You don’t have to rush straight into making major changes – whether that’s telling everyone you know, spending all your time with new friends, or getting into a new relationship.Take the time to explore, discover and enjoy your sexuality.

There are lots of words that people use to talk about and describe their sexual orientation.‘Sexuality’ refers to the way in which you express yourself sexually.It includes how you feel about sex, how you feel about your gender, the people you are attracted to, the things you’d like to do, pleasure and intimacy, body image, relationships, and for some people reproduction.If this is the case for you, you might be tempted to try things out with someone to ‘find out’ if you’re attracted to people of that sex.While this could work out, if you rush into sex or a relationship that feels uncomfortable, or with a person you’re not really attracted to, then you may have a bad experience that just confuses you even more.

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