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Beers in hand, roasted corn in the air and all the classic pop up carnival food tents in the background.And at center stage you have vendors and vendors and vendors galore.The site provides various forms of communication without charging users — all you have to do is create an account, fill out your information, and find someone who catches your eye.s Hot Import Nights the nation's largest and most unique indoor/outdoor car, music, and pop-culture festivals.Tagged: black and gray, black and grey tattoos, portrait tattoo artist, portrait tattoos, realism tattoos, realistic tattoo. Ive known of Rons work for alot of years and it was really great to finally have a chance to chat with him.In this episode I was able to talk with one of my favorite black and gray realism tattoo artists out there, Ron Meyers. You’ve no doubt seen his work if you’ve been to any tattoo conventions near or around Ohio. Or you’ve seen his Ron Meyers Graywash being used all around the world by some serious bad asses.Local artists in varying mediums from paints to yarn to sealife… I found myself enjoying a pineapple cocktail for most of the day.

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I’ve used and loved his greywash system and am blown away by the work that he puts into both his tattoos and his pigment.

We touch on many more tangents along the way during our chat so enjoy! Which is why its my way of saying thank you for all the comments, downloads and feedback.

And Oh yes lets not forget the title of this little bloggy thing. Its hard to do but its such a healthy neceesity to shed the past from your present. What do you think of community street fairs and moving? But being able to do things the way I want has always been part of the plan. And I have been been practicing how to deliberately use my time.

Going through ol boxes, being reminded of some great memories. Moving gives us an opportuninty to purge our collections that we seem to cherish until its time to relocate them. Leave a comment and if you are interested in any of my tattoo work fear not I will still be working at Fast Lane Tattoo on Oracele Rd in Tucson. I also gave myself the most enduring test of physical stress and mental stress by signing up to do a Half Maration (13.1 miles) in Mesa Arizona.

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