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"You want to be that destination, that 'go-to' place, the first thought.

If it can work for pizza and breadsticks, I think the general idea can be applied to other businesses and to the community as a whole." Rosendahl says he has seen the concept already in place throughout Wishek.

He started with the LIDC on a part-time basis and, after about three years, he became the full-time coordinator.

"There are a lot of little things that can be done," he says.

"Wishek is generally well-kept as it is, but there's always room for improvement.

Prior to accepting his new job in Wishek, Rosendahl was executive director for 13 years with Hazen Community Development, Inc. "I believe my past experience as a business owner and as an economic development official is my biggest asset," Rosendahl says.

"Although I was semi-retired, I decided when I heard about the opening in Wishek to give it a try." Rosendahl still lives in Hazen and says his employment is a six-month trial by mutual agreement with the JDA board.

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